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    Hello everyone!

    Just started using my new tm6 after upgrading from tm5 and tried the caramel sauce recipe, which uses the new Sugar Stages mode. I was 100% accurate in my ingredients weighing and sequence but seconds after starting it, it gave error code 2023 which says “ The cooking process was stopped because ingredients and quantities differ too much from the original recipe. Please restart the recipe and follow the instructions of Guided Cooking. Another solution is to finish the recipe manually.”

    Caramel sauce is not a thing you can easily make manually without a sugar thermometer, which I so not have, so I transferred everything to the stove and made it up as I went along, with results that seem passable. But I am extremely disappointed that this guided recipe went so badly wrong when I am 100% certain I made no mistakes. Has anyone else had this problem?

    • replied 1 month ago

      did you stop, move or touch the machine during the process?

      • replied 1 month ago

        No. I was 100% scrupulous with timing, weights, butter in one piece and chilled, and followed all instructions.